Welcome: What this Blog is all About.

Hello, reader and readerette.

You can call me Nathan, as it's my name. I believe Final Fantasy VII is the best thing to happen to the world since Penicillin, drink more coffee than water, and want Rashida Jones in my life in a big way.  

Also, I photobomb zombies when I'm inebriated.

This blog is the culmination of a lifetime of procrastination and boredom. I enjoy writing, you see. If I go too long without doing it (writing, that is) I get restless. Unfortunately, I'm far too lacking in imagination to flesh out an entire novel, or anything else that takes serious drive and talent. I also write short sentences. Like that one. And that one. 

So, what's my blog about? Everything and anything. That is to say, nothing. Like anyone else, I have a huge variety of interests. Like the Metric song says: Gold(chocobos), guns, girls.

Remember what I wrote about writing novels? Well, I kind of rocked the shit out of some creative writing back in the day. The difference? Prompts. That's where 'you' come in. 

If you read the title header of this blog, you'd be able to guess I'm something of a nerd. Also, that I like the word 'hodge-podge'. So, until I get a better understanding of what I want to do on here, I'm probably going to start reviewing some 'indie' videogames and/or movies, because that's what nerds do, right? As I'm not a respected videogame website / reviewer, you won't find any 'definitive' reviews here, per se. What you will find is serious commentary mixed with some humor to keep you entertained.  If there is a 'you', out there.

"But, Nathan", you say. "I'm a nerd and I don't enjoy games or hodgepodges".  Well, first I'd ask why you don't like hodgepodges. And second, what the hell you're doing here. Thankfully, however, I have no idea what I'm doing here either.

So, I'll take suggestions.

One of my biggest time sinks is reading Amazon reviews before I purchase a product. So, I might be something of a 'reviewer for hire'. And by hire, I mean: leave a comment, a suggestion, and give me some direction to take this blog. As far as I'm concerned, this blog can be run by you, written by me.

I'll try to stay objective/helpful, at the end of the day, so hopefully I can be a good resource.Or at least a source of entertainment.  Pretty much, this website is the horrifying offspring between a Nintendo Power and a "Dear Abby" column; the demented love child of bored 'writer' and his ramblings.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. 

*Post Script: This is a project in progress. It's going to be messy, disorganized, and very, very varied. Topics will range from whatever my scattered brain can think up at any given moment (or things that I think are interesting / am currently doing) to whatever you might like to see. Understand, I have no professional experience or accreditation. This is all for good times. Mine and yours.

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